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Please be aware that our algorithm on this site is not working properly for shipping charges. Please contact me for the corrected shipping charges by emailing me at with what you want to order. That includes name of the item(s), how many, and their number. That way I can get an accurate shipping amount for you. I will then send you a PayPal invoice to your email so you can get a correct invoice. Sorry for all the trouble!

Hello, my name is SunCrow and I am High Priestess of Three Oaks Coven.  I am also a Pipe Carrier from the Lakota Tribe and have been adopted by the Southern Cheyenne Tribe. 

I wanted to put up a website to offer products to people that live in areas where they don't have a pagan store nearby or convenient to them. I know that some of these products can be seen on other sites but I also have a crafters category with items that no one else has. Some of our items can only be bought through this site and cannot be found elsewhere. 

Our Heyoka ceremony and some of our crafters! They are a super group!

We are located in Tennessee(office) and Massachusetts(warehouse). I have been in business for 30 years and can find some things some others cannot. Let me know if  there is something you don' t see here and there's a great chance I can find it for you! Or maybe I can even make it for you!!

I had an online store up 16 years ago but with all my moving I took it down and now it's up again.

You can find me on facebook at or you can email me at